Saturday, June 2, 2012


Hello I am Samir, 21 yrs from NEPAL. In my family, there are only 3 members, mum Shanti, 43 yrs, me and my sis Amika, 8 yrs. I came to know about sex at the age of 16. From that age I used to like watching mature women’s beauty. Among one of them is my own mom. Before 5-6 years, in our society, most houses had no bathroom inside their houses. So that people had to take bath in open place, back of the house or the edge of the house where the water source like well, hand pump or taps belongs. This way, I got opportunity to watch neighbor’s women body while they took bath from the top of the house and my mum’s body from the window sitting inside the room. I had a binocular to help me closer view for this. But now in my house and most houses, bathrooms are made.

Some years earlier, my mum, Shanti’s body shape was very attractive, slim, 32-28-30, natural face in white color, looked like the copy of Bollywood Nepali actress Manisa koirala. She always use to wear sari and in the bed room nighty while sleeping. At the present time, she was just 43 yrs, body shape 35-30-34 but looks like 30 yrs. While I used to go with her out side the house no one can guess us, we are mother and son, think sister and brother. From my childhood age my body structure began to improve more than my age. So now at 22, I look like a mature guy. Hey u are bored about the descriptions don’t do like that. I am going to tell the real fun about the first sex in my life. But before this I have to tell something about my father. While I was 18 yrs, my father married to another woman and settled in the city with new wife. So that my mother was alone with her young son and little daughter. I was very upset and felt sympathy towards my mom. As a young son, I understood that I should make my mum happy. Before this we were dependent towards father. But after this, my mom joined teaching in a Private school for the expenditures of us and house. In that time I finished 12th grade and join engineering in Computer Science.

I and mom became like friends. We used to share every problems and joys in our life. I was too close to her that I didn’t know when I attracted towards her. I liked her very much and then thought how to get her. But I was afraid of the culture in our society. No one can think about the relation of mother and son in dreams also. Even we were very close to each other, I couldn’t tell her about my attraction towards her. After 1 year, I joined the engineering mother brought a computer in my last teen yrs birthday. I also joined internet with it. My mother asked me to teach the computer. I taught her most of the programmes in computer that I know. While I taught her, I enjoyed touching her body making her unknowingly. Her tits and hip weren’t bigger, they were in perfect shape. I liked her sweat smelling coming from her under the shoulder. After she used to go to sleep with little sister in her room, I used to search the sex web site and masturbated, imagining fun with mom, once or twice till I fell asleep. Every morning, she used to take bath and I also used to get up early to peep her bathing from a tiny hole I had made after the bathroom was constructed in side the house. Her body is so perfect that I never imagined any girl of my age.

While she used to take bath, I came to know that she was also horny. She always masturbated once a time in the bathroom after father left her. This thing also made me very upset that I couldn’t do any thing for her. Sometimes I thought, I should cross the boundary that was made by our uneducated ancestors. This was continued till that day, I got a mail from one friend Rahul, who had gone to India for his higher studies last year. He is my very close friend. He knows me and my family well. He wrote me that you have a gift in this web site in incest stories. I was surprised and search the web site immediately. I saw there many stories about mom and son fun. I had a great relief after reading the stories. At that time it was 11 O’clock at night. I determined that if every one is doing so then why I should be back from this in the 21st century world. After that I went to mom’s room, there she was sleeping with my little sister wearing nighty. Her room has little light coming from side lamp. She was looking damn sexy. I put my lips towards her; she realized some thing wrong, so she opened her eyes and amazed to see me doing so. She became angry with me and asked me to go to my room. But I caught her hand and ask her to come to my room. She asked me why I should go there. I said please mom I want to show u a real gift. With a great surprise she moved towards my room. There my computer was running. One incest story about mom and son was on the screen. I asked her to sit on the chair and read the text in the computer. She went on reading the story. I could see her face changing red and bright while reading the story. She looked horny. I was sitting the back of her. Slowly I put my hands on her chicks and move smoothly.

She didn’t say anything. My hands went under her neck inside the nighty. She was not having bra inside the nighty. I pressed my hands on her perfect tits. I was erected and my cock expanded. I played with her tits till she finished the story. I took out her hands from the nighty and put one hand under her hip and other on her head. I carried her on my hands and rest her on my bed near the computer. She said me that it is wrong my boy, u should understand. The story that was written in the computer wasn’t real. It is fictionous. I said no mum its true. There are other many stories about the fun of mom and son. Only some might be fictinous but most of them are real. I said her that I saw u masturbated daily u taking shower. She was surprised to hear this that I always watch her taking bath. Then I put my lips on her lips. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth. She remained silent. I found her saliva very tasty. I made her lie down on the bed. My hands were busy to open the hooks of the nighty. After some time I took out the nighty and she was completely naked in front of me. Before this I had chances to watch her fully naked from the hole but she was unknown about. That was very inconvenience for me. This time she realized of me exposing her nude body. Then my tongue went towards her pink hairy pussy. I licked it like honey on plate. I was taking long breathe as she was. Then she also opened the secret that she also used to watch me from key hole of the door while I search the sex website at night and masturbated. Then she asked me to take out my clothes and very pleased to have a look on my dick. She came close to me and put my dick inside her mouth. This was the first time my dick had entered in any hole.

I felt electricity current was blowing inside my body. She then moved her mouth slowly. This continued for 5 minutes I cum inside her mouth. No any drop of cum came outside of her mouth. She drank all the cum very tastily. Then I kept my one figure inside her pussy. I felt some oily there. She asked me to put my dick inside the pussy. I tried to insert my dick inside but not able to do so. That’s why she caught my dick and kept at the mouth of the pussy spreading her thighs and asks me to press the dick. Her pussy was very tight, because not having sex for a long time. Slowly I pressed my dick and it started to go inside. I also experience my first sex with my own mom. I feel that I am one of the luckiest guys in this world who got the real thing that most of the people didn’t get. Slowly I moved my dick out and in and the speed also increased. After 15 minutes I cum inside her pussy. She said that she cum 2 times during this period. In that night I fuck her 4-5 times. I didn’t have to be worry about her pregnancy because she had already family planning. Last week we celebrated my moms 43rd birthday. On that day, in the morning, first I got up and saw my mother near to me sleeping on the same bed. Then I woke up her and wished her.

That day I was very glad that we were going to marry each other being bride and bridegroom without calling other. I and mother both went to the bath room and took shower. I rubbed her body with soap, while I put soap on her tits it started to expand like the balloon while blowing air. They are bigger than before. I put my tongue inside her mouth and give her French kiss. I didn’t like to have a fuck at that time. Last night we fucked till mid-night for 2 or three times. So that first I liked to be fresh taking shower. Then after finishing taking shower both of us came out of the bathroom and I went to bed to have a morning sleep. Mum went to kitchen to prepare breakfast. After 1 hour she woke up me to have tea and breakfast. In this time, my little sister also got up. We had tea and breakfast together in the dinning room. After some time, my little sis is ready to go to school. I didn’t go to college. I saw mother, being ready to go to office. She was before the dressing table mirror and putting lipsticks and looking gorgeous damn sexy. I went near her from back I kiss on her neck part and put my chin there and looked at the mirror. I was very pleased to be couple to my own mom, my dream lady. I saw her pleasures on her face. We had forget our ass hole father. We are living happily and having very good time. She was wearing blouse and sari. I take out the edge of the sari from her shoulder and ready to unhook her blouse. Then she said that she was being ready to go to office. Then I showed her anger on my face. Then she was ready to take leave. I was busy taking her blouse and sari from her body while she was calling at her school for leave. After that I started suck her boobs. And then put my rod in her hot pussy. We fucked for some time till I cum inside her pussy. Then we talked to go to watch cinema at the near theater. We set off to the theater, there I saw Hindi cinema called Ek Chooti Si love Story was running. I had seen the movie once but not my mom. I was very pleased to show her the movie. I liked the story of that cinema very much. I imagined the boy there is me and the actress Manisha, my mom.

Because of sex symbol film the theater wasn’t packed. As the movie started, my mom watched the movie very interestingly. There weren’t more crowd. We were sitting at one corner of the hall. No one could see us. While there was scene of the exposal of Manisa Koirala, I became hot and started to press moms boob, took out the boobs and started to suck. Then I ask her to sit on my thighs, lifted her sari up to her waist and put down her panty and started to insert figure. Then she became wet and taking out my rod, I put it inside her pussy and started to fuck her from the back side. After the movie ended, we went to a hotel for dinner to celebrate her birthday. I booked a cabin in the hotel and asked to bring a cake and candle. After some time, a waiter brought the thing I demanded. My mother lit candles there writing 43 and cut the cake and fed me it and I also fed her the same cake joining my mouth with her and played her tongue with mine. Both of us kissed each other for a long time pressing our body against each other closing eyes. Then I sat on the floor and lifted the sari and put down the panty and started to lick her pussy. Within few minutes she cum on my face. I lick most of the cum like honey and washed my face near basin. Then we went home, My little sister was also arrived from school.

She was very innocent about the relation of her mom and brother. Mom went to kitchen to prepare dinner for sister. At 8, my little sis went to bed. Our new session started, I was taking rest on bed then mom came there. She was looking different from other time. She was wearing red dress, which women use to wear at the time of marriage. She looked bride and ask me to change a suit that was in her hand. I also changed it. She said that she was wearing the same dress that she wore at the time of marriage with my ass hole father. And the suit was also same that my called father wore at the time of marriage with my mother. Mom asked to put sindur on her forehead, mangalsutra on her neck and garland on her neck and be my husband. I also did so. She put garland on my neck and she put her forehead on my feet and said that who would be mine till her death. I felt it was my real marriage day. She brought 2 bottles of beer and glasses from the kitchen and pour in glasses. We started to drink and became horny. After finishing beer, I took all her clothes like a husband does in the honeymoon night. She took off my clothes. Both of us became nude and started to do the same we use to do from last years. Hope u like it.


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