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another kist

Kist collage sex story.
This incident took place whenI was 18 and studying science at Kist (Kathmandu Institute of Science and Technology) College.I was a virgin back then and being at18, sex was the primary thing in my mind– I was at myinitial sexual peak. But the only release I got was my sexing with myself.
Due to the (over) exposure to porn movies and sites, I had gained so much information about sex,sex positions etc. At that time I was just a horny kid for whom having sex was the first thing in the world I wanted to do.In my class there were only 7 girls (and 42 boys). Among the girls were
TrishaRegmi (name changed). She was 5’7’’ – a tall girl in Nepalese perspective, whereaverage height of girls in only 5’4’’. She was all muscles – that kind of girl who’s right on the border of being fat or not. Her biggest assets were her boobs. She had the biggest boobs in the college and
I for one found myself staringat her boobs most of the times.We were good friends and sometimes we used to bebench mates too. I loved her company because I felt she was very sexy and herboobs really turned me on. Iused to fuck her in my dreams every night.It was Sunday. Our college had just
reopened after a fortnight’s winter vacation. There were not much students in the class. Only 21 out of 40 students were present in theclass. All other sections combined had only 37 students and they were kept in a joined class on the otherside of the building.Our class was on the back of the
main building and it was aloneand quiet.After 2nd class we have 90 minutes practical session. As there were fewerstudents all were hoping thatit would not take place but wewere wrong. I didn’t want to go and as I was going to be alone in the class, she agreed to give me a company.
So after 10 minutes we were alone in the room. The window curtain was drawn down and the door was closed.And there we were gossiping and laughing. I sometimes caught her hand,cheeks, and neck in thetime. Then suddenly I got evilfeelings. In the meantime I patted on her thigh after a joke.
She said nothing. Then she put her hands inside my pocked andshe accidentally touched mydick – which was semi solid.I saw her blush butsaid nothing so I also put my hands inside her pocket and rubbed her thigh.She said nothing. I was shocked yet encouraged. Pretending to beplaying and making it
look like accidental I cupped her breasts. Man she really blushed. I said I’m sorry. She said “Why?” I couldn’t answer and she said “I liked it” She then leaned over andkissed on my lips and –I wasn’t certainly going to holdback – we were French kissing each other. I slowly moved my hands to her
breasts. Oh, they were so soft yet very full. I was rubbing her breast from outside her shirt – she was in coat outside.I slowly released her two buttons andbegun to feel her breasts from outside her bra. My hands were feeling her smooth skins lower her breasts and I moved my hands inside her bra
and touched her breasts. Man they were softer than I had imagined. She moaned loudly when I touched her nipples. All this time she was vigorously rubbing my back, neck, and hairs and my otherhand was rubbing her bare back inside her coat and shirt.I pushed that hand downinside her pants and
panties and felt the top of her crack while my other hand was rubbing, twisting her nipples. Getting bolder I lowered my head and sucked her nipples like a baby. She let out a moan “Aaahhh” and said “Suck it harder, harder. Be my baby” I did that. I was rubbing, pressing her boobs and sucking her
nipples. After few minutes ofbreastfeeding I began to rub her thigh with my other hand.I rubbed her inner thighs and then opened her zippers and let my hands inher. She was damp like a water fountain. I touched her pussy and she let out asmooth moan. I was rubbing her clit from outside her panty
and she was moaninglike a bitch. My hands soon found its way inside her panty but before anything could be done I heard students comingtowards our class. We separated and quickly made our dressand acted to be doing our class work.My dick was so tight that it had opened my zippers andI was furious
that the practical class finished early today.We weresent home after the period – as there were very less students – and I didn’t know what to say to Trisha.So I went home without saying goodbye to her. I went to home and jerked myself off for about 3 times in an hour and there were many to follow
For two days I didn’t talk to her. I was quite in dilemma about how to present myself to her.Two days later:It was Wednesday, two days later, when she came to me in the break time. We exchanged greetings.Bee, are you angrywith me?”No, why do you think so?”Cause you’ve not talked with me
since Sunday”That’s nothing”So you’re not angry with me”Of course not”Bee, I’m having some problems with my mathematics. Will you help me?”Certainly. Bring it on?”I have problems in lots of chapters. It won’t be finished here.”So what do wedo now”?Why don’t you comeover to my place this
afternoon? There’ll be no body to disturb us and we can go on for whole night.”I was shocked.Of course studying”Ok then”She might have invited me for studying but Iclearly understood what she wanted. Sunday’s event must have had some effect on her too. Only the thought that what could happen that
evening instantly aroused mydick.It was nearly 5.30 in the evening and little darker when we reached her home.I just wanted to hit the toiletbecause we talked aboutonly sex all along the way. We went in and I noticed that the a/c was on and all the windows were shut with the curtains. She said”
Well this is the place that we’re gonna have fun”As soon as she finished saying that, I grabbed her hand pulled her towards meand kissed her right on the lips. She did not protest butbecame involved in the kiss. Our bags and coats hadalready hit the floor and we were rubbing each others back.
The kiss became more vigorous every moment and Icupped her breast from outside herbra and shirt. I did not wantto waste my time so I removed her belt and opened her pants. Now her bottom only had panties.My both hands were rubbing herthigh. I felt her pussy from outside her panty. It was very
wet and Iguessed if she also wanted it. I lowered her pantyto her knees and she threw it away from there. She also opened my pants. I didn’t useto wear underwear, so my dick was set free. She took my rod in her hands and she was slowly massaging it. I was also rubbing her clit. I then pushed her
to the walls andspread her legs.She was moaning heavilyand was speaking a lot of foul words. It only turned me on. I freed my dick from her hand and touched it with her wet pussy. I had tobend downa bit and it was not so comfortable but I heard “Aaaahhh” from her. It was very sexy and it really
got me going. So I slowly pushed my dick inside her pussy. It was little hard as it was her firsttime – as she had said.Aahhhh, Bee. It hurts, please take it out.”Only for few seconds Trisha and everything will beall right”I slowly pulled it out of her pussy and this time I thrusted it very hard
inside her.Aahhhh. It’s burning inside me. Please take it out. It’s really hurting”I didn’t care what she said. I was slamming my dick insideher. She was crying, begging for me to stop but Iwasn’t the one who would listen, as it was feelingso good.Her shirt was still on.I put my hands inside her
inside her.Aahhhh. It’s burning inside me. Please take it out. It’s really hurting”I didn’t care what she said. I was slamming my dick insideher. She was crying, begging for me to stop but Iwasn’t the one who would listen, as it was feelingso good.Her shirt was still on.I put my hands inside her
shirt, then bra and began playing with her boobs. I started nibbling her nipples. Soon I pushed her shirt and bra up and began sucking her nipples. Now she was also moaning rather than crying. She also began to enjoy thesex. She was producing all sorts of sounds– “Aaahhs and ooohhs”. I left her
nipples, gave her a deep kiss and begun slamming her even harder.She encouragedme” Do it Bee, do it. Fuck my pussy harder. Harder, harder motherfucker.” I was banging her when I felt her muscles inside the pussy tighten. She let out a loud moan and she came. It was a brutal orgasm that left her
shaking. My dick also got very excited from the warm juices from her cunt, Ilet out a grunt and I came inside herinstantly. I poured seven or eight loads of cum inside and shewas begging for more.Then I gave her a deepFrench kiss and we separated.We were both soaking with sweat. I sat ona couch
near there with my dick still exposed.How was that Trisha”?Nice, Excellent. I never felt that good in my life”She continued,” Boy, yousure got a big dick”Well it’s blessings of mother nature. And you got big boobs too”Thanks!” bata

yo sabhar katha ho sathi ho

Shreya ra tyo raat

mero nam ajay ho, yo teti bela ko kura ho jaba ma clas 11 ma padhthe,ma dashain ko6utti vara ghar gayeko thiye teti bela mero cousin sherya pani ayeki rahe6in uunko jeudal sarai ramro thiyo uusko mota chak oho khub ramro thyo malai dekhe dekhinai uuslai chiknu mann lagya thyo ra ma kasari chikum vanera sochdaitheye ma usko najik huna thale deherai dinvar uu sanga guf vayo. Usle ma sanga khulera kura gari. ra rati sutne belama ghar ma sabai lai sutna bed pugdaina thiyo. Ma ra hami aru pach-6 jana kta haru euta room ma sutney vayou. Shreya ra aru ktharu side kothulo room ma sutne vaye. Hami nau baje samma gaf garera basyou. Tyaspa6i abasutne vanera kt haru bed magaye. sabai lai bed napugne vayeko le shreya sofa ma sutne vai. ma pani kta haru sanga afno room ma ayera light off gare. tara malai nindra lagira thena. malai shreya kai yad audai thyo rausko chak, ra vakhar badheigako boobs. mero lado thankera st. vai sakeko thyora k garne vanera sochna thale. shreya lai samjhidai macholna thale. tara sabai kta bed ma suteka le aru le thaha paune dar le maile majale cholna pani paina. malai 6at pati vayo ra ma uthe ra bahira aye. karib 11 bajeko thyo hola. Sabai jana suti sakeka thiye. Shreya suteko room kolight off thiyo tara garmi hun6a vanera hola dhoka udangai rakheko thiyo. Ma kehi nasochi sidai shreya vayetira gayera u suteko sofa ko 6au ma base. u suti rakhe ki thi ra usko khuta ali fariyera skirt bata hips dekhi rakheko thyo. maile najani kannai mero hat usko hips ma rake. u jhaskiyi. sayad u pani nanidayera aankha chimlera basi rathi. usle halla nagari ali mathi sari. adhero ma panisayad usle mai hu vanne thamyai. malai pani signal pai pa6i usko hips madna thale. Ma u mathi chade ra us ko lips ma kiss garna thale. Uslepani mero tongue lai chalaunathali. Usle adhero mai pani rumal le afno anuhar chopi. Maile ni kura bujhera usko boobs mardna thale. Usko boobs tight thiyo. U abaj nikalna thali. Malai dar lagi rahekothiyo tara ma dherai agadi badi sakeko thiye. maie usko panty tanera fukalidiya ra mero pant ko zip kholeyra lado nikale. hat le usko puti ek6in chamepa6i maile mero lado chirayera hanna thale. maile mero hatle usko mukh banda gardia.10-12 choti push garepa6i mero mal u vitra paryo ra mahile lado nikale ra pant vitra hale ra sida afno room ma ayera sute ra ekai6in ma nidaye. Bihan uthda malai sapna dhekhe jasto lagdai thyo taramero pilsiako lado poldai thiyo. Malai ani shreya ko khyal ayo. Tyasari rati hanera kehi navani ma ayekothiye. Ajai ma afno ghar januparne vayeko le ma uthera sidai pharmacy gaye ekon lina. Maile ekon shreya lai dina khojdai thiye. Tara uslai veti raheko thiena. usko euta sathi lai sodhda u arko room ma roi raheki 6e vanne thaha paye. Ma jada usachi roi raheki thi. Uska sathi le sodda kehi boli ra thina. Malai uslai vetne sahi time hoina jasto lagera farkiye. Mummy ma ra dad niskine lagda u pani dekha pari. Ma kehi free time payera shreya lai vetna khoje. Auta corner ma maile uslai eklai paye. U naboli mero agadi ubi rahi. Maile uslai sode"ma sanga risaki" ani usko hat ma ekon rakhera kasaile dekhnu aghi niskana khoje. Tara usle mero hat samai ra mero lips ma choto kiss diyera bye vandai vitra gai. tyo din dekhi u sanga mero contact chaina. hope arko dashain ma pheri hamro vate hun6a.

nepali story in sikkim

Hi there, it is a real story. i'm a Nepali girl married to an Indian guy. but now we got divorced 4 yrs back. I live alone in Sikkim, i'm 33 now. it was 2 yrs ago, one evening, it was quite dark outside, and the salt-pot was empty while I was cooking meal for that night, so I went to the ground-floor, where my houseowner lives.
then I knew that his wife and the daughter went to his sasuraaal for some days and he is alone. (he is abt 45-50 yrs old). when I went there, and asked for some salt, he said that he is alone and tired so asked me to go to the kitchen and take it myself and make a cup of coffee for him. as I thought him as of the age of my father I obeyed him and went to his kitchen and he was in his living room.
when the water was boiling, suddenly he caught my waist from behind and I was shocked, I wanted to protest but he held me tightly, and he began to kiss my neck then he pressed my boobs. now I was enjoying and I stopped protesting and began to help him. then he held me in his arms and took me to his bedroom and he threw me on his bed.
then he began to put off my clothes, and I helped him doing his clothes too. now both of us were naked. then he sucked my lower lips then I sucked his tounge. then he asked me to give him blow job but I denied coz i've never put it in my mouth (coz I thought it was a dirty thing). but he ate my pussy. I enjoyed it. then he fucked my boobs heavily.
then he dropped his cum there and lied on his back there next to me. then I sat on his mouth and made him suck my pussy. he sucked it vigorously and the same time he inserted his finger in my hole, I started to moan, actually I was in the heaven. I came in his mouth. then I caught his tool in my hand and started to masturbate it and it was erect again,
then he made me lie on my back, then rise my legs up and he inserted his tool in my female hole. and started to fuck me heavily. then we both got orgasm he came inside me. it was my first sex that I really enjoyed. that night he fucked me 3 more times, coz we ate dinner and slept together in his flat.

The Black Security Guard

I was outside walking my dogs while waiting on hubby to get home from work and the security guard where we live walked up to me and started talking to me and as we talked he told me how attractive I was to him. I must admit I felt the same. Bare in mind my hubby is white and I have never even touched a black man other than a hug.
Well I have to go quickly cause I know hubby is enroute home and so the guard asks me if he can have a hug and so I agree and he said if so it would have to be inside the stairwell to play it safe and no one would see us. So again I agreed, we went inside and as we stood on the stairs he embraced me and then he looked at me and kissed me, it was AMAZING.
Then he decided to take one of my tits out of my shirt and suck on it. He asked me if i had time to go inside a empty apt and I told him no. Well hubby was off work the next night, I ran into the guard outside and he asked if I wanted to walk with him to check on a apt, of course I said yes.

Well while we were in there, he sat down on the couch and he proceeded to rub on my back and i started rubbing on his hardness thru his uniform pants, and I told him that I had only seen black cock in the movies but I wanted to his in person, so he took it out and I went right down on him and started sucking on it and gagging cause he was a good 11inches or better.

It was AMAZING!!! He kept saying oh fuck, oh shit, damn you suck dick good baby. So he said come on lets go in the bedroom, so we did and i got on my knees and he stuck it in from behind and while he was pumping it I was hollering come on T**** Fuck me, and he would HARD. He finally cum real hard and so much inside of me, then I left in a hurry to get back to hubby.

My sister vacation in south africa

Hi, I am david from London.. I am a great fan of traveling and more so of wild life. So I planned to have a trip to south Africa. I didn’t want to go alone so i wandered whom should I pick up for this. In our family all were ready then my sister told me she wants to go. We all then agreed that my sister will go with me.
so we started our packing and then after 2 days we boarded our flight to south arica. 2 family room were booked for for my sister and the other for me which incuded a single bathroom. We reached there and took our bath and relaxed for 8 hours sleeping. Later in evening we went outside for a walk and then came back. Let me tell u about me and my sister. I am 28 yrs old and my sister is 23 yrs old.she is 5’6” tall with a good figure with charming face. She had tanned legs and long legs. Her figure is 32 d-28-34. then after some time when we were watching tv one person came to us and told that there is a small party as it was hotel establishment day. So we both went around 8 o’clock. I wore as usual my coat and my sister wore her neckless clothes.. She had wore a pink neckless suit .she was looking stunning. We went there and started enjoying the party. A dance party was organized which started in about an half an hour and many couple started to dance together. we brother sister were sitting on a chair when a lady came to me and requested for a dance. I said ok and went near all people and started dancing. After some time I saw a black man talking with my sister and then they came near the dance party and started dancing. I was thinking what my sister is doing. Then I thought as the lady asked me for dance so as the black man would have requested for my sister. I then ignored that all and started dancing.
I saw my sister dancing with that black man and then I got busy with my partner. But meanwhile when I again saw towards my sister the black man has put his hand on my sister ass and was rubbing it slowly and dancing. My sister was enjoying the dance . after some time I saw that he has placed his hand on her shoulder and has pulled her closer and my sister eyes was closed. He was now rubbing her ass gently , one hand was on her thigh and was saying something which I couldn’t hear. My sister was smiling and listening to him. The lady with me saw me looking there and said leave them and enjoy dancing. She placed her hand on my cock and squeezed it. I was getting hard and I put my hand on her ass but again looked towards my sister. The lady said why r u looking there , dance with me. Leave them they r enjoying the dance and see how good they both r looking. One is black and the lady is so fair .isn’t that exiting. Yes sure, I said . he was around 6’3” tall with good body and though he was black he was charming and good looking. She was saying he is so charming and has big dick. Hearing this I got very angry. But I didn’t tell her that she is my sister .she was now rubbing my cock and I was getting hard .. I was angry with that man but at the same time I was getting aroused by this lady and as a result I enjoyed my sister view with a black man rubbing her ass.. Then the next thing I saw really surprised me. He was kissing my sister.
After some time the party ended and we both me and my sister went to our room. We had dinner and went to sleep. But as I was angry I couldn’t sleep. I then switched on the tv and started watching it. When I search on for some good program I saw a porn movie coming on tv. I started watching it and getting horny. I started masterbating. Just at that time I heard a knock at my sister door. I wondered who may be at this time. I then ignored it and started watching tv again. I was masterbating but then I heard some voice in my sister room. I went near the bathroom and listened the voice. A man voice was there and then I couldn’t hear any thing. Then I heard him saying ur very beautiful and sexy. I then has not doubt that the black man was there. I was getting exited and thought my sister wants that what can I do. She is a grown up girl. So I didn’t do any thing and went back to my bed. Next day that man met me in the lawn and my sister was sitting on chair. he was around 30 yr old. We had a chat and then I came to know that he is working as consultant in a firm and was from Zimbabwe.
we had a little bit chat and then he switched to personal life. We came to know each other that we both r unmarried. He then said that he likes white young lady and had some sexual encountered with them. He then pointed towards my sister and said this beautiful lady is so cute. Isn’t it. I said yes. Then he added that he had danced with her yesterday . he also said that he liked her ass .she has the ass which he likes very much. He also added that her thigh is very smooth and he would be just rubbing her thigh for hours. and most important that she is a virgin .after a long time he will be enjoying a virgin girl tonight. He said yes she is from london and is staying here for 3 days. I would have been staying in this hotel for a day but now I will be staying as long as she stays. He then asks me did u find any one. I said no. he said that he will be making love with her tonight. Now the word from my dance partner lady came to my sense that he has big cock. I was getting horny now and wanted to watch him with my sister. So I asked can I watch u make love with her. He said no problem. He said he was living on the 3rd floor and I should come in his room around 11pm. I said ok.
Then I went to bar . I saw him talking to my sister. They were dancing together and he was rubbing her ass and first time I saw my sister hand on her thigh just below his crotch. And her hand was moving towards his crotch and then I saw the most unhappening things. My sister had just put her palm on her crotch. That was unbearable for me but was even unbearable for them. I saw him kissing her hard and he took his right hand under her leg. May be he wanted to feel her womanhood. He then took her behind the bar room and I too quickly went behind a tree. From there I saw he was kissing my sister and then he put both his hand on her waist and within a few seconds he took her panty out and kept that inside his pocket. He kissed her at last not before feeling her breast and saying ur too wet to handle now. Meet u later at night. Then I quickly went to have a seat. My sister came and didn’t sat there. I said please sit down. she said no she isn’t feeling good so she want to go to room. I thought no sister the reason is that ur without panty. I said ok. We went to room and as soon as we went she took her panty from her room and ran in bathroom. I was already hard thinking she is naked under her bottom. At night we had dinner and he was just sitting opposite to my sister. And they were having some eye flashes which I saw when my sister blinked her eyes and smiled.
We ate and went to sleep around 10:30 pm. We were watching movies but I excused myself saying I am feeling sleepy and went in my bed room. A little later I heard bathroom door open. And when she came back her door locked . I just went near my sister room and from a small crack saw that she was wearing a new shirt and skirt. The shirt was white and almost noticeable black bra. I then came back and after 40 min I went to that man’s room and hided there. Around 11:30pm there was a knock and he opened it. There was my sister standing at the door in shirt and skirt which I just saw her wearing in her room. And it was new. It was tight shirt as well as skirt. He said darling de u wore all the clothes I gave to u. she smiled and said yes. that means she was wearing undergarments also given by him. He must have asked her panty size as well as her breast size. I was getting exited. He grabbed her and took her in his arms and closed the door. He started kissing her and cupped her ass. He was caressing her mouth and her ass together. She was responding him very well. they were kissing hard as they were hungry for years.
They were kissing for so long that I felt I will cum in pant. He inserted his mouth in my sister mouth and was searching her tongue . after kissing her for more than 10 minutes he withdrew his lips from her and said , ur very sexy my daring. I have never felt so good kissing a girl. He then kissed her neck and then brought his lips just above her breast and kissed it. He then brought his mouth over her breast and started to rub his mouth over her boobs. that was awesome. While kissing her he started to open her shirt buttons and one by one all button were opened. He then took her shirt off. Then he opened her skirt button and she came out from that skirt. She was now in black bra and panty. She was looking gorgeous .first time I saw my sister in bra and panty. He again started to kiss her and then moved his hand behind her back and unclipped her bra hook. My sister boobs become naked and first time I saw such a gorgeous breast and that was of my beautiful sister. He took one of her breast in his mouth and started to pinch her aroused tits. I saw other breast and her tits were around 1 cm. wow my sister was really aroused. He sucked her breast for very long time and during this her body stiffened . Within seconds I saw my sister body tense as the waves of her first orgasm tear through her. I was really happy to see him making my sister cum by just licking her breast. He had not done anything other that kissing her and sucking her breast. He asked did u cum. My sister just nodded her head. He was smiling and saying u came in just kissing and sucking ur breast. Ur truly a sex goddess. Looks like we both will be having memorable night. He again started to kiss her and then cupped her ass over her panty. He was rubbing her ass and then he brought one hand in front of her panty and just placed it over her panty covered pussy. He started to rub her pussy over her panty and took her breast in his mouth. I was now rock hard and started to stroke my cock.
I wanted to see his cock in her virgin pussy. he then inserted his finger in his mouth and licked it. He then placed his finger on her lips and she licked her own juices and cum. He then kissed her . My sister panty was soaked with her juices and her cum. he then placed both his hand on her waist and inserted his finger and started to roll her panty downward. My sister rosed one leg to help him take her soaked panty out of her body. She was now naked and I can see her naked shaved pussy glistering with her womanly juice and cum.. and the black man was still in clothes. What a good breast she has. oh….. my wasn’t saggy and big around 32d and stood proudly on her chest.. And a shaved pussy. I think that she has removed her pussy hair today itself because I had seen hair remover in her room today. The black man had given her since she was not having with her and also there was mention of African company name on that hair remover packet.
He then put one finger inside her pussy and stated to fuck her with that single finger. Fucking her with some time , he then inserted 2 finger.

My sister was in heaven. She was breathing hard and moaning . the only sound came from her mouth was oh..oh..ahh , ahhh ahhh. Ah hhhhh. After 15 minutes of finger fucking my sister body again stiffened and she moaned. She was Cumming again. I thought what a sexy sister is mine. She hadn’t had him inside till now and she had already cummed twice. I thought why she is Cumming soon and soon. Was she exited to have a black man or was he very good in making her cum again and again. I then looked at my watch it was 12:10 am. We all had about 40 minutes of sex pleasure. U may be thinking why I said we all. They were enjoying and I too was also enjoying seeing them. Do u all got now. I felt very happy for my sister thinking that she was 23 and still virgin. And now she was going to loose her virginity and soon would become a woman. What a luck she had. I thought not many girl gets opportunity to loose her virginity to a black man. I thanked god for giving my sister luck to have a good sexual enjoyment that she was getting and what she will be getting for 2 days. Once my sister cummed for second time he kissed her again and then told her to open his shirt and my sister took off his shirt. My sister eyes were mesmerized seeing his broader chest and flat. There was no fat on his body and from my sister look I can feel that she was liking his body. he was smiling.
My sister looked up at him, trying to process just what he meant. And then she felt his hand move up her thigh. She felt her skin tingle as he slid upwards, and she looked down paralyzed as he cupped her pussy in his big black hands.
r u ready for fun, he asked my sister. My sister just smilled."Now I'm going to fuck you", he simply said, and with that he again slid a finger deep inside her. My sister moaned loudly as he touched her, his words turning her on like nothing else before. He laughed as my sister reacted to his touch and slid a second inside, easily sliding it in since she was so wet.
In and out his fingers went inside her tight little pussy, and my sister closed her eyes to better savor the sensations of this big powerful black mans touch. My sister felt his hand on hers and kept her eyes closed. My sister felt him move her hand and still her eyes were closed. But then my sister opened her eyes in shock as she felt him place her hand on his lap, feeling something huge underneath. "My god", my sister thought "it is true! He's huge!" my sister felt her mouth gape as the big black man began to move her hand over his thick cock, letting her feel every one of his 10 inches. He knew it was massive and that this girl was a virgin. But she was about to get it.
He stood up, her hand moving with his cock as he moved, not wanting to let it go. My sister watched as he undid his pants and gasped as he pulled out his massive cock. It was so long and thick, so dark. my sister felt her pussy moisten.
"Now suck it my love".
my sister leaned forward, half in awe, half in fear of his monstrous black cock. My sister lifted the hanging cock with her little hand, thinking how small it looked compared to this gargantuan cock and began to lightly stroke it. The foreskin slid back and forward over the big head underneath and she began to stroke it faster, letting her hand slide all over the big thick cock. Finally she leant forward and let her tongue slide over the head of his cock, tasting the salty pre-cum that was already there. God he tasted good was all my sister could think.
He gripped a handful of her hair, laughing out loud as my sister became entranced by his wonderful cock. And she wasn't the first one either. Many a white girl had been ruined by his thick man meat before, but my sister would be different as she was virgin. He groaned as my sister took the big head into her mouth, sucking gently on it, letting her tongue swirl all over the big purple head. Yep, my sister knew what she was doing. He'd had picked up a good sexy girl well. He asked where did u learn all these. She said she had seen some porn.
my sister popped the head out of her mouth, licking down the thick shaft, the shaft that seemed to go on for an eternity. My sister briefly worried about how this monster was going to fit inside her tight virgin pussy, but she quickly forgot about it, the excitement of getting a big black cock to loose virginity like this made her happy. My sister popped the head back inside, wanting to see how much of this monster she could get inside her mouth. She pressed her mouth down his cock, trying to take as much as she could, feeling his cock hit the back of her throat but she knew she was still only half way down. But this thing was still more than half way out. God she was horny!
black man smiled as my sister struggled to get his big cock inside her mouth, knowing there was no way this virgin could take it. He decided to give her a helping hand and pulled roughly on her head, forcing it further down his cock, hearing her gag as he roughly began to fuck her face. In and out he pumped his big cock into her mouth, using her like the little fuck toy she was, pumping his big thick cock further and further down her mouth. Tears began to flow from her eyes as he used her mouth, but his mouth dropped as he finally realized that she was still pumping what was left of his cock with her hand, knowing that she was enjoying getting used like this. "You fucking my love" he spat out as he fucked her mouth, and almost reluctantly withdrew his hard cock from her, the need to fuck her overwhelming him.
He sat down on the chair beside my sister and nodded down at his cock. My sister knew what he wanted. He wanted the same thing as she did. Immediately she hitched her leg up, exposing once more her soft shaven pussy and as she tried to straddle him she moaned loudly as his fingers slipped inside her. He pulled them out and pressed them to her lips, and she looked straight into his eyes as she sucked hungrily on them, tasting herself on his thick black fingers. She leaned down and grasped his cock, still shocked that her little fingers were nowhere near able to fully grip his thick shaft and she positioned the head against her pussy. She looked at him nervously now, not quite sure if it will fit, and he leaned in and kissed her tenderly before whispering "take it slow baby".
my sister nodded and slid gently down, feeling the big cockhead slide inside her. It was too much already. He pushed his ass upward and my sister cherry popped up. She was in lot of pain. Her virginity has gone now. He waited for some time to accommodate the feeling she was having due to tearing of her cherry. He gained some control and I think the pain subsided a little. Her body began to convulse as she felt the thickness of the big black man and immediately an orgasm washed over her. Black man chuckled. This was the first time a any girl had cum straight away from his massive cock and a good thre times in total.. It was a good thing, she'd be wetter now.
my sister gasped loudly, composing herself and once more began to slide down his thick shaft, taking inch by inch into her tight pussy. It felt enormous inside her. So big. And there was still more to come. She closed her eyes and with an enormous effort slid the rest of his thick hard cock inside her. She screamed. It was so big. Her pussy felt so stretched. Her fourth orgasm surged through her body.
After a few seconds she realised the big powerful black man was rocking her back and forwards, moving his monstrous cock inside her. My sister moaned, whimpered, loving the sensations this big black man was creating inside her. My sister began to move back as his lips found her breasts, his big puffy lips engulfing her nipples as he sucked hungrily at them. She began to slide up and down his thick long shaft, feeling him thrust up to meet her. He was so big. My sister was so tight. It was incredible.
my sister moved faster and faster with every stroke, from a gentle rocking to a hard fucking, slamming her ass down as she moved up and down his huge cock. My sister wanted to fuck him so badly, to fuck his like he's never been fucked before, to take all his big black cock like the good little lady she was, like the first time loving the black cock. She bounced up and down, her tits jiggling all over his face, his hands smacking her ass as he rode her. Orgasm after orgasm washed through her body as my sister fucked his gigantic black cock, for the first time she was having sex. She loved his black cock and wanted more and more.

Finally he lifted her off, telling her he wanted to see how much of his black seed his virgin love girl could take. She smiled, kneeling in front of him in the aisle of the bus. He began to jerk his big black cock as my sister licked the tip, hungry for his load. He groaned and then stream after stream of his cum splashed all over her face, landing in her hair, in her eyes, on her cheek and down her throat. She moaned herself, her hand having found its way to her pussy as she tasted his cum and swallowed what she could. She felt so slutty, so trampy, such a whore. She came again.

Finally he was finished, all the cum drained from his big black balls. She reached out and milked the last few drops, tasting them as they peeked out. Finally he was done, and she stood up and kissed his cheek.
"Thank you for a fantastic experience" she said to him. But he cut her words short and kissed her saying baby I have never enjoyed such beautiful sex with any one. Ur wonderful. Thanks for saving ur virginity for me. I would love to have more and more with u and I think I will still not be satisfied. I will want more and more and so on……
But he was not finished yet with my 23 yrs sexy sister who has just lost her virginity and fuck of her life. Fuck of life because she is not going to get such powerful man with 10 inch cock.. he wanted to have my sister ass. So he started to rub her pussy again and she started to get hot. And he too was becoming hard once again. My sister took his cock in his hand and started to rub it . then she replaced her hand with her tongue and then started to lick him. And then took him into her mouth.
My sister laid down on her back on the platform and he knelt between her knees. He pushed his cock into her beautiful and smooth blood drained pussy. She was still wet and her lips were swollen. He put his cock on my sister pussy entrance and in 2 stroke he entered her fully. After 10 minutes slow and hard strokes, he pulled out of her pussy and positioned his cock at her ass. She now got shocked that he is going to take her ass. Seeing her he understood he said oh my love I will be gentle to u and u will love after some pain. she was now relaxed and then She angled her pelvis to give him better access to her ass, raised her knees and pulled on her legs until her thighs flattened her breasts. It was a position of complete submission. he lodged his cock in the crack of her asa and gave a slow and steady push. I could feel her ass yielding to his cock as the head stretched her ass open. Just as he was getting concerned and almost pulled back, she let out a quiet "ungh" through clenched teeth as the head of his cock slipped in. Damn she was tight. he started to slowly ease his cock further into her. She looked at him with her dark eyes, her brow furrowed as she slowly breathed out through pursed lips and whispered "slowly" to him.
He answered her with a kisses on her neck and slowly pulled out a little then back in. he made slow progressive strokes easing more and more into her each time. Once he was fully into her ass, she hooked her legs over his shoulders. he kept a slow and even pace while fucking her tight ass. Her eyes remain close except when she would occasionally open them to look at him and smile. his cock began to harden even more. Her nipples stayed hard. She slid one hand between him to her pussy and the other to her nipple. My sister breathing quickened as she pulled on her nipple and clit. This was too much for him. he started to increase the pace and force of his cock in her ass which caused her to cry out and moan. he could feel the first shots of cum leave his balls as he filled her ass. This caused her to use one hand on her pussy and the other on her clit as she climaxed once again. he continued stroking into her ass until her orgasm finished and didn't stop until he was too soft to push back in. Even after fucking her ass, it was still tight.
he laid down beside her and closed his eyes. She laid her leg and arm across his body and started kissing his chest as they rested in the hot bed. My sister was absolutely amazing. Then they slept for some time . after one hour they had one more round and then my sister went back to her room.
In the morning when I went to wake up, I saw her left hand inside her panty. I came back and then voiced up to wake up. She woke up but when she started to walk she ws unable to walk. She was limping. I asked her what happened , she said looks like pain in thigh. I had my face back of her body and I was laughing. She was thinking me a fool but I all knew that she had her best night at the age of 23.
We had our shower and then went to have our breakfast and there we met again. He asked was that a good show. I said yes, it was worth watching. He then said she is not wearing any panties and he is going to have her in her room. Saying this he went near her and said something and went back upstairs. My sister came back and said that she is not feeling well and that she is going to sleep. I said should I come to help u. she said no she will take care of herself. I also went behind her and slowly hided in my room. The black man came and lifted my sister and went in bathroom. I heard shower and then they were talking . then after some time I heard my sister gasping , looked like she was taking his cock. My sister was moaning and moaning. After 1 hour they came back from shower and both were naked……
We had this last day in south Africa. Next day when we were packing our bags I saw my sister face upset. I asked her. She said she loved this place and wanted to stay some more time. I felt sorry for her and since I loved her I canceled my flight and said to her that we will be staying 4 days more. She was very happy and thanked me.
For next 4 days she must have fucked him at least 20 times. She even sleeped 2 whole night with him.
We then cam back to our country.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spanking sexy story

I am living in a Middle Eastern city. One day I go shopping in the bazaar. I am dressed in a long, concealing dress, in deference to the local mores, but with nothing underneath, in deference to the heat. I enter a small antique shop, which I have never been to before. As I am browsing, I notice a curious pair of ornamented silver bracelets. What is curious about them is that they are connected by a silver chain. I also notice the proprietor. He is dark-haired and bearded, short but muscular. I find him very attractive.
"I notice Madam is admiring the slave manacles," he says.
"Slave manacles?", I ask, but of course I knew what they were. That's why I couldn't keep my eyes off them. The proprietor seems unable to keep his eyes off me, especially off my large breasts, rising and falling noticeably under my dress. "Why are they so ornate, I ask, trying to make conversation, but becoming flustered.
"Why not?" he asks. "The men of ancient times enjoyed ornamenting their beautiful slave girls. Perhaps Madam would like to try them on?" he asks, and without waiting for my reply, snaps the manacles on my wrist. I gasp with surprise, feeling the metal snugly encircling my wrists, and the man's hands still on mine.
"They're...they're beautiful," I breathe, "but please take them off now."
"Of course," he says, and begins searching his pockets for a key. "It's here somewhere," he says, looking through his desk. Meanwhile I am becoming more excited, though I try not to show it. "The key must be in the back of the shop. Come with me," he says, and I follow.
Once we are in the back room of the shop, his manner changes. He pushes me against a wall and grabs my short blond hair in one hand, and kisses me hard. I try to struggle at first, but his kiss makes me weak in the knees. He senses my capitulation, and throws me down on a pile of Oriental carpets. "My beautiful blonde slave girl!" he cries, raising my dress until he can reach my full breasts. He grabs my breasts, pinching the erect pink nipples, then swirling his tongue around and around them until I moan. Then he bites them hard. I squeal with a mixture of pain and pleasure, and try to pull away.
"Trying to resist me, slave?" he says. "I'll teach you a lesson!" He rolls me over quickly, lifting the back of my dress, and begins to spank my bare ass. He hits lightly at first, then harder and harder. I gasp, then cry out, squirming in his grasp, hating it and loving it at the same time. Just when I think I can't take any more, he stops. "Now you are ready for me!" he cries, rolling me back over.
He's right, I'm incredibly hot. My pussy is dripping, yearning to be penetrated. I've always fantasized being treated this way, and now it's happening. "Yes, take me, please," I cry. He pulls off his robe, and I stare at his stout dark cock, and his muscular body looming over me. He pulls my legs over his shoulders and enters me. I cry out at the incredible feeling. He fucks me hard and fast, and I am so excited that I come almost immediately. He smiles down at me, then begins a slow, rhythmic stroke with his cock. He leans over and kisses me deeply, and I open my mouth eagerly to his probing tongue. I realize that he is synchronizing the strokes of his cock in my cunt and his tongue in my mouth. I feel as if I am being double fucked, and I love it. I want to embrace him, but cannot with my hands still bound. Knowing that I am chained adds to my excitement. I begin panting and tossing my head from side to side. He speeds up his strokes, and we come together, I screaming and arching my back, he groaning and throwing back his head.
After a final kiss he withdraws, and I lie there in bliss. The proprietor then finds the key and releases me from the slave manacles, but only after I promise to shop at his store again. I'm looking forward to it!

Meal Time

Hello. My name is Cathy and I work as an accountant in Lansbury Holdings in Euston Road. I’m forty-three years old, divorced and have no children. I like reading, walking and listening to classical music and can often be found on the South Bank in the Festival or Elizabeth Hall. In the evenings, that is. During my lunch hour I frequent a totally different establishment. In the Caledonian Road, not far from King’s Cross Station there is an establishment with a small sign above the door: CINE CLUB. It is indeed a cine club, but lovers of Bergman and Bunuel would be disappointed. I discovered it through an article in the Guardian about prostitution in the King’s Cross area in which a pornographic cinema was mentioned as a place where hookers plied their wares. I first went there one evening, half-hoping to be picked up – but found no one even resembling a prostitute either outside or inside the cinema.

What I did find initially didn’t surprise me – after all I knew it was a pornographic cinema and I’d been to pornographic cinemas before, in the days when Soho was full of them. I’d masturbated secretly into my trousers and assumed the others around me were doing the same. Here, the films were on video and the quality left a lot to be desired, but on my first visit a lesbian masturbation scene got me aroused and I started surreptiously stroking my prick through my pocketless trousers. I had manoeuvered it upwards so that it was flat against my stomach, so that my vest would soak up the sperm when I came. Suddenly, for some reason I looked down and had the shock of my life.

The man next to me had taken out his prick and was openly rubbing it. It was only half-erect, but it was oozing pre-cum, which he periodically wiped off with an increasingly damp tissue. I’d never seen a grown man masturbating in the flesh before, and I found that it excited me more than the film. It wasn’t long before I came, squirting successive streams of sperm up my stomach and into my vest. My neighbour was only too aware of what was happening – he glanced towards me smiling and waved his prick at me. I realise now that he wanted me to masturbate him, but at the time the thought didn’t cross my mind. I got up to go to the loo in order to clean myself up a bit – the sperm soaked vest was cooling down and felt a bit uncomfortable. When I came out, the wanker had moved to the front row and was masturbating vigorously, his prick now fully erect. I returned to my place and continued to watch the video. Interminable fucking. OK, the black giant had a fantastic prick – and when he jerked off all over the blonde’s face I started to get excited again. Should I take my prick out? No – the man in the front row was the only one, as far as I could se. Maybe he was some sort of maniac. I mean, people just didn’t wank in public, did they?

So my hand went into my pocket and I stroked my erection gently for about half-an-hour before I reached my second orgasm. After that, the film ceased to interest me and I left. I’d come half-hoping for a fuck, and I left after two orgasms and with my thirty quid still safely in my pocket.

I couldn’t get the sight of that erect prick being openly stroked in the front row out of my mind. It fascinated me. It aroused me. I sat in front of the mirror and pretended I was in the cinema. I rubbed my erection through my trousers and then took out my prick, watching myself in the mirror as I gently stroked it. I wiped off the precum with my handkerchief – and eventually I came – also into my handerchief. Would I ever have the courage to do the same actually in the cinema? Probably not, but I had to go to the cinema again, come what may. The sooner the better – and the next opportunity was my lunch hour the following day. It seemed I was not the only businessman with the same idea. The general profile of the audience was considerably more respectable than the previous evening. Here were men who had to go home to their family in the evening, taking advantage of their lunch hour to revel in a bit of porn.

 There weren’t any free seats in the front few rows, so I found myself in the third from back. To start with I got the impression that the men were just watching the film – there was no sign of any furtive masturbation – and certainly no open wanking. I didn’t even dare put my hand in my pocket, even though I had a painful hardon compressed into my Y-fronts. After a while, the pain became unbearable and, on the pretence of looking for my handkerchief, I succeeded in freeing my prick and sending it vertically towards my stomach. The man next to me was aware that something was happening in my trousers and threw me a glance. I looked down at my crutch – the erection was obvious – both to me and to my neighbour. It became impossible to totally ignore what was happening, and I placed a hand surreptitiously on my trousers.

The man next to me did the same. I rubbed my hand up and down. So did he. Suddenly he transferred his hand from his own crutch to mine. I shuddered, and immediately removed it. Why? Because I was damned if I was going to stoop to being masturbated by a total stranger. Why? Because he was nothing to me. I got up and made my way to the aisle, determined to leave the cinema. But my erection refused to let me. As I reached the stairs, I realized that I had to masturbate to orgasm before I left. There was a spare seat in the middle of the back row, so I made for it. As I pushed past the three men between the aisle and the spare seat, I realized that two of them were openly masturbating.

As I sat down, I saw that the two on my right were doing the same. So the back row was the place to be!. I sat and watched the film for a few minutes. A rather plump redhead was masturbating vigorously, surrounded by five equally plump men who were doing the same. I joined them. I whipped out my prick and gently carressed it. Five masturbating men on the screen, five more in the back row. Incredible. The man two seats to my right was making a meal of it. He had thrust his prick in the air and was rubbing it furiously, looking left and right as he did so. The others were more subtle. The man on my left had a well-shaped prick, about seven inches at least, and was making the most of it. He glanced down at mine – equally well-shaped but slightly smaller. I suddenly realized that I actually wanted to feel his prick. But how was I to go about it? I didn’t have to worry. After a few minutes, his left hand edged its way towards my erection and gently grasped it. Nobody except me had touched my prick since Grammar School! God, he certainly knew what a prick wanted! The problem was, I was obviously going to come immediately.

I grabbed his prick and rubbed it vigorously, as if to bring him to the same stage of excitement. He obviously liked this as he began to thrust his hips up and down. Concentrating more on his prick helped to draw my attention away from my own and I found myself able to control my orgasm. I remained on the brink while wanking my neighbour like mad. Suddenly, he shuddered and I felt a stream of sperm shoot up in the air, down my hand and all over his trousers. A fraction of a second later I did the same. God, what a mess! It had a good effect on the man on my left, who ejaculated a matter of seconds after me.

I’d ejaculated in front of others! Total strangers. There would be no stopping me now. I hastily shoved my prick into my trousers and dived for the loo to clean up the mess. The other two men were doing the same, but in situ. In the loo someone had hung up a condom full of sperm. Not a bad idea, coming into a condom. Less mess. I picked it up,imagining the man ejaculating into it while rubbing his prick through his trousers. Although I’d just come, I found myself getting excited again. There was still about twenty minutes of my lunch hour to go, so I decided to return to my seat. Too late - someone else had retired to the back row for a wank. The only available seat was in the middle of the fifth row.

Oh, well – I would just enjoy the film and wank through my trousers. On the screen a couple of lesbians were hard at it. Wanking lesbians turned me on more than anything. I adjusted my erection and started stroking myself. The man on my right seemed a bit taken aback, but the young man on my left started openly stroking his obvious erection. I made a mental note to wear my trousers with holes in the pockets the next lunch hour I spent here. Then I could stroke my prick relatively surreptitiously. It wasn’t the same through my trousers. Oh, to hell with it! I unzipped my trousers and took hold of my prick without actually revealing it. I had underestimated the man on my right. As soon as he saw what I was doing, his left hand wandered over towards my open flies, while unzipping his own trousers with his right. I released my now full-size prick and relaxed as the man’s hand tightened gently around it. His prick was pretty flaccid, but I took hold of it just the same. He started rubbing mine harder and faster, but his own remained disappointingly limp. By this time the man on my left had taken out his prick, which was far from limp.

While I was wondering whether to take it in my left hand, he started shaking, leaned forward, and ejaculated copiously all over the floor. By this time, I realised almost the whole of the row in front had turned round and were watching us. So what? Some of them were wanking openly too. My prick was a bit sore after my first orgasm and my wanker was being far too rough. I gently removed his hand and placed it on his own apology for an erection, while stroking mine gently with my left hand. My impotent neighbour seemed offended by this as he immediately tucked his prick into his trousers and zipped them up. I continued wanking and he just sat and watched the film. After a few moments, I heard what sounded like a trickle of water. It was coming from my immediate right and I looked down. My neighbour was wetting himself! Intentionally, judging from the blissful look on his face.

 His trousers were soaked, so was the seat, and there was an ever-widening puddle on the floor. Suddenly he unzipped his trousers and took out a gigantic erection! Wow! A pee-fetishist! I realised that his wetting himself had excited not only him, but me too, and I could feel the sperm welling up at the base of my prick. I came within seconds, and so did the pisser – with scarcely any hand-contact at all! Gosh! I must try that. Not during the lunch hour, of course. Perhaps one evening. I could even try it at home that same day.

Heavens – I was going to be late – it was nearly two-fifteen! I hastily wiped my prick with my handkerchief and tucked it away. Two orgasms in less than an hour. And I’d never seen as many naked pricks in one place since my boarding-school days. Lunch hours would never be the same again…

Fantastic Afghan Servant

hi I am Sunny (not real name) from Peshawar Pakistan, This is my true story which i want to share with you, now i m 26 years old, this story is about my sexy maid Shagufta & this happened two years ago, i m single and living with my parents.
The day was Sunday & Time was near about 11’o clock I was alone at home and sleeping, suddenly door bell rang, I step out from my bed and open the door the time was of massi (maid), I saw a unknown attractive face their, after inquiry I came to know that she was daughter of massi and massi was not feeling well, So she send her daughter for work, she came in the house and I was amazed to saw the girl namely Shagufta. She was near about 21 years old and having a gorgeous body and whitish skin, she starts her work and watching her I realized that my cock is getting erection to watching her, I was alone so I am feeling horny after seeing her bombastic body which was 36-28-34. I decide to make a try to make friendship with her carried by fucking, she was standing in the kitchen and I was watching a new Indian movie on cable, I saw that he is also trying to watch movie from the kitchen. I saw and immediately my mind got an idea. I call her and said please give me a water she came after some time I get the glass from her hand and during this also touch her hand, I saw she tried to watch movie I asked her if she ant to see movie she can sit here, she sat on the floor near my bed, the movies was a love story which contains many sex scenes and songs, after some time when a scene come where the heroine was lied on her bed with short skirt and shirt, (which was like bra), I saw Shagufta her face was red after seeing early & this shot, I told her that I don’t like this heroine to start the friendship with her, she hesitate a moment and then ask me why, I told her that she is not looking beautiful and not acting good she replied me no this is my favorite heroine and she is very beautiful, I took rest for some moment & told her that I think you are beautiful than her, I saw at her and found her in shy mode, she said no you are lie, she is , I once again told her, and continue that your face eyes & lips are beautiful than her and same a other body, suddenly she saw me with anger, I laugh a little and stop talking with her. After some time there was a song on tv in which hero & heroine was singing a song in sea with their minimum clothes, I once again asked her look see your favorite heroine which type of dress she is wearing, she give me reply after listening her reply I was stunned, she asked that if she has something then why she not shown it to others.
After some quietness I asked her that you have a most beautiful body than why you are not showing it to others. Now she was quiet, after the song I order her to sit on the bed, firstly she refused after some time she was agreed. She was sitting near my feet, after sometime I start some discussion with her which changed after couples of minutes and I start a little sexy gossips like to told her how she is beautiful and how good she is looking, I feel she is enjoying my praises to her, after 15 minutes I sit near her on the bed and suddenly caught her hand with both mine, first she try to leave but I caught her with some power, I was massaging her hand and told her she is beautiful like heroines, she have a lovely body and I likes her, I feel her hand was trembling and her face was read and was full covered with sweet, her eyes were shut, I went more near her and suddenly kiss on her cheeks, she open her eyes watch me and said me this is not fair, I reply her that every thing is fair in love 7& war and I fell in love with her on first sight. Again I brought my face near her and try to start kiss her on lips in start she was not responding after some time I feel she is opening her mouth.
Now I was sure that I will fuck her today, I caught her with my hands and now my arms were around her and she was touching my chest with her full groom breasts, we were still kissing each other’s lips with full force, I start to move my hands on her back, and after some time I start to catch her big boobs firstly touching and after that I caught both with my hands, she try to some resist but invain, now I was fondling her boobs and was trying to open her kameez zip which was at her back, now he was responding in full mood, she was chewing my lips with her mouth & tounge. Slowly I move my one hand to her back side and with same slowly mode I opened her zip. Now my hand were moving on her bare back, she was still sucking my tongue, I start to kiss her on cheeks then her neck and downward on her shoulders my one hand was still playing with her boobs, I pick her kameez from one corner & other corner tried to pul it down side from her shoulders, now I saw her bare shoulders and after then her black bra, after some time her bra covered boobs were infront of me. Oh my god, that were marvelous, I gone mad to seeing her boobs, I hurriedly open her bra hook from back ohhhh now two big milk plants were there standing with proud. That was great even today after remembering them I m feeling horny. First I start to fondle and caress them with hands & then start to suck her nipples, they were like two rocks, she has little brownish areola & nipples, now she was moaning with pleasure. Now my moth was on her boobs and my hands start their journey towards her belly, after sometime my hands were on both her thighs, I catch her from shoulders & lay down on the bed & I was on top at her, I opened my t shirt & then my short, now I was fully naked lying at her, she was now on hell and moaning loudly kia ker diya hay mojhay, kya ker rahay ho meray sath, meri aag boojha do, I questioned her are you virgin she opened her eyes saw me and move her neck in positive way oh god it was my luck I m near to fuck a beautiful smart virgin girl.
I picked her one hand & placed on my 6.5” inches lund, which was at his full motion and hard like a pipe. She touch it it and then opened eyes and saw, I looked amazement in her eyes, she starts to moves her hand on my prick, I placed my hand at her thighs near her vagina (choot) & start to move towards her vaginal hairs, I was feeling wetness there, now I opened her salwar and try to make her naked she also helped me to move her buttocks, now she was stark naked and I was moving from her boobs to vagina. My fingers were touching her vagina hole and I inserted my one finger in her, she was so tight that feel my finger, she was on fire now and moaning hay kya ker rahy hay dard ho raha hay meray boobs ko bhi dabao, suddenly I drop my mouth at her vaginal lips and was sucking & licking her choot with full mood her moaning become louder & louder, after five minutes I feel she is near to discharge, I stand and ask her to suck my penis she simply refused, ok I came and sat down between her thighs and my penis was touching her vagina, I made wet my lund with my saliva and placed it on the vagina hole, first I moved it up & down and then on hole, I make some pressure on my lund but it was looking difficult, so I caught her legs and placed them at my shoulders and suddenly thrust my lund in vagina the cap of my lund was now inside her choot and she was crying that nikal lo isay bahir nahi to may mer jaon ge, there are paining please leave me, but it was invain and I start to jerking my lund in & out of vagina, after three minutes my lund was fully in her covered with blood and she was still crying with pain. Now I start to move slowly and after sometime I saw now he is feeling well and thrusting under me to match with my jerks, now I was pumping her hard fondling her boobs and she was responding me with moans like haan ab theek its ok please fast , zor say kero sara under dal do han wah maza a raha hay, I was at full speed and after 20 minutes I feel my cum was near my lund mouth I increased my speed and within two or three minutes I discharged in her.

Fantastic sex with aunty

Hi I am Deepak from pune writing my story. I am studying my in bangalore. I am the only son to my parents and they live in pune as dad’s job is posted there. My uncle Raj (dad’s brother) stays in Bangalore with his wife Radika and my cousin Ratan. My uncle is posted in Hyderabad and ratan is working as a software engineer with infosys. So I had to live with my aunt. My aunty is a housewife. My aunty used to dress as if she is a girl. I had seen my relatives who come home for some days often have their eyes on her due to her dress style.

She used to keep the sindoor regularly and flowers. Now I will say about my aunt. Her name is Radika, she is about 43 but looks likes 32-33 and a damn sexy housewife. Her figure must be 36-30-36 what a figure you imagine, and fair in complexion. Her hair is black in colour and length just above her butts. She used to wear sarees, short Punjabi suits which reveals her body so much so that any one can measure her assets. She used to take care of all the house hold activities. She used to clear doubts in subjects. She used to take me to movies and shopping. She loved me a lot as I am the only one who was staying with her. (Ratan had been sent to US on work and was expected to back in 6 months time). I have completed my B.E 3rd year exams and I have one month holidays. I got bored at home during the day time. Even my friends left for their places to see their parents. So I told about this to my aunt and told her that I too will have a visit to pune. But aunt told me that ratan is coming in a week on a vacation of 10 days from US and it would be nice if I can stay with ratan so that he won’t get bored once he is here. I was happy to meet him so I decided to go home after he visits India.

One fine day ratan landed in India and we were very happy to see him. Ratan is about 2 years older then me and have a very strong body. After a day, I and ratan started to go to movies and go to internet and spend lot of time at the net, nearly 2 to 3 hours daily. We started to see all the sites about movies, education etc. One day he told this site ( We clicked one of the stories and started reading and this became my routine from then on. I used to read all the stories in all the categories including incest category in which there are stories about mom and aunties getting fucked by their sons and lots of other stories and suddenly I felt that Ratan talks lots about his mother. I noticed that he has started seeing his mother in some other way. He also asked me indirectly many times that “is my mother seems sexy to you?”

That put lot of doubt in me regarding ratan and aunt. So I started to keep an eye on his activities. It was obvious that he did not want me to know that he wanted to fuck her. It is also true that after reading all that stories I also had an eye on his mother’s body. One day he asked his Mom that one of his friends owned a summerhouse at a beautiful hilly resort, just at a few hours drive from our home. Why shouldn’t we go for a few days to there? Every body agreed including me as I had started to feel erotic about his Mom but we had to make plans for the next evening as aunty had some work in the morning.

Aunt completed her tasks and informed my uncle as well as my parents about our trip, who all allowed us to go. So after collecting the warm clothes we set for our trip at six pm. It had started to get dark but the mountains were looking very romantic to me. It took two and a half hours to reach at there. During the travel Ratan was telling us the jokes all the way and aunt really participated with him. I then realized how my aunt was excited about the jokes and too much happy. I decided to let them give a chance to enjoy. I even started to enjoy their company too. When we reached our destination I observed the house was newly constructed and was quite isolated. It was constructed up on the hill and the only approach to the house was a staircase had 25-30 steps. It was right in the middle of a very bushy area with lots of trees. Aunty was looking quite sexy in her fitted see through, yellow short Punjabi Salwar and Kameez without any duppata, showing her large breasts prominently.

Suddenly it started raining very heavily and getting too much cold when we reached there. We climbed up the stairs very speedily to get into the Veranda but due to the heavy rain we almost got drench. Radika aunt’s dress seemed to be disappeared and clenching with her skin. Her brassier with a hint of her nipple point and her belly button could easily been seen through. She was giving a complete wet and erotic look in that posture. Ratan feasted his eyes and my aunt pleasurably displayed and allowed him to enjoy. Ratan suddenly whispered in to my ear “isn’t my mom is too sexy to be a mother”. Soon she realized my presence and put her arms around her large breasts pretended to shiver in cold. Ratan immediately unlocked the door to get us in.

The house had two bedrooms, a lounge and a kitchen. We put our handbags in the bedroom and selected one for aunt and one for me and Ratan. After drying us out, we arranged an umbrella and approached the car as we all were feeling hungry so went for the dinner to the bazaar after settling down. We sat around the wood fire to keep us warm in the living room as it was getting colder. Ratan put on the stereo he had brought along. The atmosphere was very friendly. Ratan invited his mom for a dance. Aunty looked at me once hesitantly and getting a gentle smile from me she moved on to Ratan arms for a dance. I watched Ratan moving his hand on his mom’s back and occasionally touching her butt. I could see in the eyes of aunty that she loved it but was aware of my presence.

I then went into the kitchen prepared cups of coffee for myself, aunty and Ratan. As I returned after 15 min, I saw aunty enjoying dancing in both of their arms. Ratan was touching her butts freely, enjoying with his hot mom. I saw Ratan was now rubbing his body with aunts very freely and she was enjoying too. I also wanted to join so I went on to my aunt’s backside and we all 3 where dancing and enjoying each other’s touches. After some time, I think the heat got into all 3 of us. I was now at the front of my aunt and Ratan at the back. I too had started to feel my aunt’s body. Then Ratan put his arms around his Mom and started to squeeze her breasts. She threw her head on my shoulder and put her arms around my neck. Aunty gave a naughty smile and then turned her face towards Ratan. Ratan began to kiss her. Aunt was also participating freely by that time. I put my hands on her back and was feeling the heat. Now I could not control my hunger for seeing her sexy boobs so slowly I pulled her kameez off leaving her in her black bra and Salwar. Ratan continued to kiss his mom all over her body, while I removed my aunt’s salwar off her. Radika aunty was looking very sexy just in her black bra. Her breasts were growing inside her bra. We two soon removed all our clothes and removed our underwear to reveal our young but big cocks. They were really hard and enormous, standing like a pole. Then Ratan removed aunt’s bra and panty. It seemed that aunt had freshly shaved her pussy and kept it ready for us. Ratan carried his mom to the wooden table right in the middle of the room.

Aunt said erotically, “I was waiting for you both for so long”. Ratan kept on kissing his mom more deeply. Now I could not withstand anymore. The scene was so erotic seeing a son enjoying his own mother in front of a cousin. Now I started to suck her right breasts and played with the other one. Aunt’s nipples were looking really amazing erect and firm. I was squeezing her breasts as if i was squeezing a water balloon. Then Ratan started sucking his Mom’s gigantic breasts also. Both of us were planting some deep kisses all over aunt’s white milky breasts. We both were sharing each of her milky breasts and were sucking it like small babies. Aunt was giving out light moans “aaah ooooaahhhhhh”. Aunt took both of ours cocks in her hands and started pushing its skin up and down. Ratan quickly knelt between her legs and started to run his tongue over the folds of her bare pussy while my aunt took my throbbing erection into her open mouth. To my surprise aunt took in the entire cock and started sucking it. It was a really hot sight watching aunt’s breasts jiggle around.

I noticed aunty felt a tingle as Ratan’s tongue came into contact with her clit and involuntarily spread her thigh’s wider apart, giving her lover better access to her vagina. She moaned deeply around my cock in her mouth and felt it twitch with the sudden vibration. She had, at first, wanted this to be over quickly, but now felt again that strong urge to please the boys she was servicing. Ratan’s tongue on her pussy was wonderful, and she knew she was creeping closer and closer towards orgasm. As she felt herself tipping over the edge of climax, she swallowed mine cock down to the root and groaned with satisfaction. She felt wave after wave of pleasure waft over her body as her toes curled and her legs trembled and was rewarded with a gush of excitement from my cock as I orgasm into her mouth.

My emotions were in turmoil. I knew that I should be shocked; should be angry and jealous, but all I felt at present was a growing excitement at fucking my aunt’s mouth. As I withdrew my dick from her mouth with cum dripping from aunt’s lips, I could see Ratan’s cock twitching between his legs and wondered what would happen next.

“Shit, deepu,” said Ratan as he rose from between his sexy Mom’s open legs. “Look, man, your cum’s running down her chin!”

“Yeah, doesn’t she look cute like that?” I replied with a grin.

“Come on then Ratan, I suppose you want me to suck you off as well?” said aunt.

“No way mom! I want it to be here!” replied Ratan as he pushed three fingers into aunt’s soaked and open pussy. Aunty gasped at the intrusion to her body. She couldn’t help herself, and as Ratan’s fingers rubbed over her swollen clit, her body shook as another orgasm swept over her.

“Jeez, Ratan she’s so wet now. Go on, do her now! Fuck that tight little pussy of hers we always wanted!”

Ratan was already standing between his Mom’s legs. With his hands under her firm buttocks he pulled her roughly towards him, lined up his cock with her open hole and pushed him fully inside. My aunt gasped again as she felt him slide into her wet channel up to the hilt. Her eyes were tight shut as Ratan began to fuck her with long frantic strokes. I started to squeeze her huge tits, as her pussy took a vicious pounding.

“Aaaaaahhhhhaaaa aaaaaa ahhaahahahahaahah” aunt left sucking my dick and was saying” Oh yes. . . . Take me, Hhhaaaaannnn aur dalo … aur zor se (Yes, Fuck me harder…Harder). I love u fucking me. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppperrrrr.”

I waited patiently as Ratan fucked his own mother in front of me. After fifteen minutes of hot and furious fucking, Ratan ejaculated his load in his moms. Now seeing all this, my dick has again got erected and it was my turn to fuck my aunt. I gave her a minute or two to recover, and then said, “I’m going to fuck you now, you my horny bitch…. is that what you always wanted?”

Aunt moaned and said, “Oh yeah please!” I ordered aunty to get on her hands and knees. I liked it doggy style, and so did she. We were right in front of Ratan, whose cock was rock hard again and eyes were wide open. I started to enter her, and my cock was so thick and long, I had to go in very slowly. It was so tight. I kept at it though, and soon was deep inside her. It felt amazing! I slowly started fucking her, and each push felt like she would be split in two. The sight of that big cock going in and out of aunt’s tight brown pink pussy was amazing. Ratan was moaning again. She started talking back “Oh fuck me my sons that feels so good Oh God!” Soon we both had explosive orgasm together, she came so hard around my huge cock, and I thought she was going to pass out. My cock just exploded inside my aunt’s tight cunt, and afterwards I held onto her tight, and we both were just feeling the intense pleasure. Then I rolled over and she hugged him, while Ratan watched. After we recovered for a few minutes, aunt smiled at Ratan, took his cock in her mouth and in her long nailed hand and started to pump it up and down. She told him he could jerk off on her. As she started to blow him off and bent forward, her pussy got exposed for my view. I saw the heavy cum was oozing out of her slit and dripping her healthy thighs. I was so hot and frustrated from watching my hot aunt getting fucked doggy style by me and her son. Ratan came all over his mom’s tits and body, and then she asked him to get a washcloth and clean up his mess. He did, and then helped her to the bedroom. As I saw them approaching her room, Ratan hugged his mom and left her in the room. I and ratan slept in the other room fully satisfied and exhausted with her horny sexy lady.

Then next morning through out the entire day me and ratan fucked radika aunty at will. We enjoyed there for 3 long days. Then after we came back to Bangalore, my cousin ratan has to go back 2 US. So he left but now he had left with me a much sexier and horny aunty. Now I was alone with her and now I could enjoy sex with her independently and at my will. Hence, I asked her for a disco. She agreed. I insisted her to come wearing some revealing dress. She nodded and came back in half an hour time. Aunt was really beautiful with the dress she wore, her back is completely bare till her butts and hands are sleeveless. The dress she wore was a tight fit. The size of her breasts is making every one mad. Her butts are moving for every of her step. The colour of her dress is golden colour and its length is down to her feet. I had never seen her wearing much more revealing dress than this. (But obviously I prefer her being naked than wearing this damn useless clothes). I was wearing a blue jeans and white shirt. She opened the door and came out. I kept my hand around her waist and kissed her next to her lips. She said you are very handsome and patted me on the chest. She asked me whether the disco will be open at 5pm. I said I want to spend some time with you at the park and then we can go to disco. After walking for some distance in the shading light in that deserted park, she stopped at one point and started watching the sunset. She moved her hair towards the front. Her back was completely naked up to her butts. As it was a tight dress every thing was very sexy. Her butts are amazing to see from back. I went behind her and kept one hand around her waist and kissed her on the shoulder. I said every one in the disco will die to dance with you. She smiled for my words. We spend 2 hours at the park and went to disco at 7.30pm. As aunty is coming for the first time it was a strange place for her. Every one in the disco was watching aunty as she was looking very sexy. Some of them asked to dance with them but she didn’t. After some time I and aunty are dancing. The atmosphere in the disco is very hot as every one are doing some thing with their girl friends. Aunty was watching every one of them. After 1 hour aunt asked me to take her home. On the way I asked her how is the disco. She said nice. I said do you want to come again. She said next Sunday. I said ok. We also had our dinner at a restaurant on the way to home. As soon as we reached home we got down of the car. We went inside the house and closed the door; she hugged me tightly by keeping her hands around my waist. I too hugged her and said I Love You aunty. She said I love you as a son and also as a man.

We parted from our hug and she lifted her head and kissed me on the lips. I responded to her and she continued to kiss me. Our tongues touched and tasted our saliva. Then I started to kiss her neck and came down her beauties. I pushed her on the bed and turned her back. I moved her hair aside and kissed every inch of her back. I moved towards her butts and kissed them. I kissed all over her body including finger nails. She pulled me on her and pushed me on her side and started to kiss me. She started kissing me from my forehead. She kissed me all over my body. She kissed me on navel button and sucked it. She even kissed the below region of my navel button. What a pleasure to say when she kisses her below my navel button. She moved her hand on my pennies which are trying hard to come out of the jeans pant. She removed my belt and removed my jeans pant and thrower them on the floor. I was in my white underwear before my beautiful aunt. She was standing in front of me. I stood up to remove her dress.

There a mirror in front of her. There was only one hook at her back near the butt which will hold her dress. I removed the hook and kissed her above her butts. I pulled the cloth that was wrapped around her shoulders. I was looking at her when I was removing her dress. I removed her dress completely and she was in her panty before me. I removed her panty and kissed on the cunt region. She too removed my underwear and smiled at me. I pushed her on the bed and went on top of her. She widened her legs and asked to fuck her. I said I want to suck it first and then fuck it. I started to suck her from her breasts. I was going hard at it. Aunt said to go slow and I said ok and went down to her cunt to suck it and she started to moan. After some time I guided my penis towards her cunt. I inserted it into her cunt and moved in rhythm. After 15 minutes I cum in her and fell on top of her. I opened my eyes after 30 minutes and radika aunty smiled looking at me. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her on lips. She said I love you and want to make love to you. I too said the same and slept together.

Next morning when I woke up at 9am I could hear the water sound from the bathroom. I thought aunt was taking bath. So I went to other bathroom to brush my teeth. By the time I came back she was drying her hair with a hair dryer. She was wearing a dress which absorbs all the wet on her body and which will be ties with 2 ropes at the front. I went near and hugged her from behind. Aunt turned her head and kissed me on the lips. My hands moved towards her breasts and started to press them. Aunt kept her hair dryer down and kept her hands on my hands which are pressing her breasts. I pressed them for some time and placed one hand on her cunt and started to rub it. I moved my hands towards the knot of the dress to remove it. I removed the knot and the dress fell down from her beautiful body. She turned towards me and I lifted her and placed her on the bed and made love with her for 1 hour. I woke up at 1pm in the afternoon. After that day aunt and I make love several times and she became my best fucker. We even did it infront of cam so that Ratan can view it from US and he too can feel her body. If you did like the story then kindly reply me at xxxxxxxxxxxx