Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nepali Erotica (Reena)

This is a true story and I had never expected it to happen so fast. About a year back I saw her in a party and awestruck by her beauty. Upon inquiring who she was I found out that she is one of the cybersansar model. Oh yes, i remembered her too. I cannot mention her real name so I will address her as Reena. The girl with ample bosom and sexy legs. Oh how many times I have been aroused by looking at her scantily clad pictures. I remember masturbating to those sexy pictures so many times. And today there she was in front of me. I have never really been a ladies man so I had no confidence in going out and talking to her. But she had been my sexual fantasy for years and I was imagining how her naked in my bed. I had to do this. So I requested my friend to introduce me to her.
"Have you seen her pictures in cybersansar? She looks beautiful in it" my friend asked me
"Oh come on, don't embarrass me" Reena said as she looked bit flustered
" Well may be I should do check it out then" I acted as if I have never seen those pictures.
"May be you should not" Reena giggled.

That evening we talked for about and hour. Not only was she beautiful but she was so smart too. I had a very pleasant evening with her. My initial motive of approaching her was not so important as I found her to be such an interesting person. I don't know if it was alcohol or the music, i just felt vitually no inhibition. I was so funny that night. We talked about our work, hobbies and life. She was working in a NGO and I was working in a software company.  I asked her number. She immediately gave it to me. I asked if she was free tomorrow. She said she was. And as I was about to depart I gave her a  kiss on the cheek. I didn't knew how she felt but her eyes lit up.

That night I send her a text
" You looked so beautiful tonight :)"
She immediately replied back
" Thanks. But I dont believe you ;)"
Oh god! She was clearly flirting with me. May be the kiss did the trick.

We met in Thamel the next day. I was nervous. Yesterday I had few drinks before I talked to her but today I didn't knew what to say. She was wearing a beautiful dress. I noticed the huge cleavage and the smooth legs from the distance. She was looking like a goddess. So beautiful and poetically erotic. She arrived and she looked a bit nervous We talked for sometime and we ordered food and drinks. After few drinks we were behaved like yesterday. I noticed that she too loses all her inhibitions after few drinks. I told her that I check out her pictures in cybersansar and she looks so sexy in those. She laughed.
I said " I don't believe how I missed those pictures. I think you have such a beautiful body. I could stare at those pictures all day long"
She laughed again. She didn't seemed to take any offense of me pushing the line.
Then I took her hand and I said " Reena, you are so beautiful and amazing. I really like you"
I didn't knew how it came out so easily.
Reena didnot said anything. So to get over the awkward moment " Hey, we don't know each other so much. Why don't we start doing that"
" Sure" She said.

I could not meet her for next few days. But we started having late night calls and numerous text messages everyday. I would check out her pictures everyday and masturbate thinking she is right there, sometimes even when she is on the phone. My sex drive was getting out of bounds. There was a girl whom I have dreamed about for years so everytime I get her call I would instantly get hard and horny. I would imagine sucking her boobs and eating her pussy and making your moan.

One night I was really horny. I told her " I think about you all day long."

" Me too" She replied

"Reena, from the time I have seen you I cannot take you off my mind. I cannot help it. You are so beautiful"

"You are just saying that"

" No, I was not. I have to confess something to you. I had actually seen your pictures in cybersansar before I met you. But I could not have imagined that you are more beautiful than you are in those pictures"

" I knew that"

" So you knew I was playing this game with you all the time"

" Of course"

"But how?"

"Hey, I am not a naive girl. I know few things about attraction. Lots of guys get attracted to me. I knew it from the way you were checking me out"

" Ok, now since we are already there I want you to know that I think you are very sexy and so very hot. I am dreaming when you would give me a kiss"

" Whenever you want"

I knew no bounds when she opened up with me like that.

" Why don't you give me a deep kiss right now"


 She was actually kissing the phone. I could tell she was getting horny too. Maybe she was excepting this too.

"Hey, what are you wearing right now?" I said

" I am wearing a loose tshirt and pajama" She said playing along with me

" I wish I was there"

"Then come to me"

Now my dick was rock hard.

" I wished I could suck those beautiful breast right now. I am sucking those right now. Do you feel it"

" Oh ya.. Umm.. Umh.. oh god .. yes" She said moaning

" Now I am kissing you on your navel"

" Oh yes.. uff.. oh go below that.. "

" Your skin is so soft. I can caress you all day. And your legs are smooth. And your smell is making me rock hard"

" I want you inside me right now" Reena said. Her voice was trembling and I could tell that she was feeling herself.

" Alrite, let me make your pussy wet. I am eating it right now"

" Oh god, umm.. ummm.. " She was rubbing her pussy and the sounds she was making was making me nuts.

" Now you are ready and wet, I am now inserting my dick in your pussy, Here..."

" AhOOO" She gave a light scream as if I have actually inserted a real dick. She must have done this before. She was very convincing.

" Now I am fucking you hard. You like that . huh.. Reena insert your finger into your pussy"

" Ok"

" Now move it fast"

" Oh.. oh god.. ou.. OOO.. uFFF.. ohH."

She was making all these sounds. She wasvcertainly enjoying fucking herself.

" Ok Reena, I am cumming now, I cannot hold up to your sexy sounds" I jacked offf.. It was the most intense and pleasurable masturbation ever. But I was still horny.

" I want to meet you tomorrow. Can you take a day off from work?"

" Sure"

We decided to go to Nagarkot. I had already book a room in a hotel. We went there and had our lunch. We were much more comfortable but I did not wanted to rush things. She was wearing a  tight top and even the waiter should not help stealing glances at her. She looked so sexy and I was getting horny. We went to the balcony of the hotel. Since it was not a weekend, there was nobody in the hotel balcony. I grabbed her waist  from behind and planted small kisses on her shoulders and slowly moved to her ear lobe. She did not resisted. She turned toward me and looked me in the eye and gave me the best french kiss I ever had. She knew how to kiss. I was totally spellbound. Meanwhile my hands were meandering on her breast. I was so horny that I grabbed her left boob and she gave a deep sigh. I knew this girl was hungry for sex. It must have been sometime she had any. Now I was kissing her on her neck. I could not stop myself so I lifted her tshirt and started kissing her boobs. I was not kissing her, I was devouring her. She stopped me and said in my ear " Lets go inside the room"

We went from balcony to the room and the hotel staffs were checking us out, probably jealous that I was that I was going to have sex with this incredibly hot girl. As soon as I got into the room, I locked the door and started kissing her. She was saying "Stop I want to show you something" but I could not stop myself. I took out her clothes in a second and started sucking her boobs. They were milk while and very soft.  My right hand was rubbing her pussy and she was giving sounds like Ummm.. OO.. Her pussy was wet in no time. In fact I had never seen a pussy become so wet so fast. As soon as I touched it, the pussy fluid began to flow. I slowly inserted my middle finger. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and moved her head backwards. I began to thrust two fingers into her pussy and move them up and down fast. She was enjoying it and uttering words like" Yes.. humm.. oh Ya.. yes". Now she was horny as hell. She said to me " FUCK ME, come on FUCK Me".

My dick was hard as a rock.  After looking at her perfect naked body, who would not be aroused. I took my dick in my hand and slowly rubbed her clitoris. She was getting mad with lust.

" Come baby, please fuck me, I cannot take this anymore"

Then I suddenly inserted my whole dick into her pussy. It was so wet that it went all the way in and she gave a loud scream. I did not moved for few seconds just to see her reaction. Her pussy was so tight and warm that I forgot everything around me. I started fucking her like crazy. She shouted while for few strokes but then she began to give only the sexy moaning. We were fucking in the missionary position and after sometime she began to shudder as if there was a electricity flowing through her body. She was one of those girls who had heightened senses of pleasure. I was so lucky. After sometime I pulled her up and I lied down. She was moving her hips and her body in a sexy rhythm while my dick was getting the feeling of warm and tight pussy. I knew wont be able to hold much longer. So I pulled her into doggy position and started to give her a hard fuck. She kept screaming and just before I came I pulled and split  my juices on her body. I was the most enjoyable sex I ever had.

After that we took a shower together and ordered a bottle of red wine. It was her idea to pour the wine over our bodies and drink it. Oh I can only tell how tasty it was to drink the wine from the nipple of her supple breast. I just could not have enough. I became hard again. This time we were more gentle. But once in heat, I could not resist the strong aroma of her body. I had to fuck her as hard as I could.

Thoroughly exhausted but totally satisfied,we came down from the hills of Nagarkot and into Kathmandu. I dropped her at her home. She did not gave me a kiss but whispered into my ears " I have never been fucked so nicely. Thanks" I was instantly hard again.

This was the beginning of the most sexually adventurous experience of my life.
More to come.....


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